Kalimati Fruits and Vegetable Market Development Board


Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Market is the pioneer organized terminal wholesale market in Nepal where retailers, institutional consumers and other bulk consumers procure their supplies. This market alone covers 60 to 70 percent of demand of Kathmandu valley. For giving an organized shape to the marketing of agricultural produce, especially, vegetables and fruits in Kathmandu valley, Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Wholesale Market was set up by then the Department of Food and Agriculture Marketing Services under the Ministry of Agriculture in 1986.


The need to bring improvement in the state of Kalimati market was identified as a priority. Hence an agreement (NEP/89/CO1) was signed in 1989 between Government of Nepal and United Nation's Capital Development Fund to construct and equip the market with physical infrastructures. Thepresent facilities are the outcome of that agreement.


In 1995, government felt the need of an independent body for the efficient operation and management of the market. Keeping this in view, Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Wholesale Market Development Board was formulated on 13 February 1995 under the Development Board Act 1957. Likewise, with a view to manage the operations of the market in an organized way and ensuring planned development of agriculture marketing, the Government of Nepal has formulated new organizational set up “Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Market Development Board 2002” replacing the previous one.


Composition of the board

  • A  first class gudgetted officer appointed by the Government of Nepal           



  • Programme Director, ABPMDD, DOA 
  • Ward Chairperson, KFV Market located Ward of KMC-13
  • Three farmer’s representative nominated by GoN   
  • Three persons including minimum one female member elected from the registered traders working in the KFV Market       

  • A representative from employee’s Association of KFVMDB  
  • Executive Director   

Market Facilities

The market area is spread over 2.25 hectare of land.Major Trading facilities are.

  • Multi purpose shed and sheds for wholesaling of fruits and vegetable.
  • Retailer’s market
  • Farmer’s market
  • Fish market shed                                            
  • Fish Market                                       
  • Fruits and input shops                                  

Support and Services Facilities

  • 24 hour security service.
  • Marketing information service.
  • Regular garbage removal and toilet facility.
  • Restaurant and Cafeteria
  • Storing cages
  • Electric sub station & 250 KVA diesel generators.
  • Deep tube well and water tank with treatment plant.

 The Board owns 23 ropanies and 4.5 ropanies of land in Chobhar, Kathmandu and  Dhading,Naubise. Boards is planning to use land for fruits market and collection centre.

Duties and Functions

  • Formulation and execution of rules and regulation for operation and managment of the market
  • Fixation of nature and minimum ceilling of the produce to be sold in the market.
  • Arrangment of staffs required and fixation of their terms and conditions.
  • Extension of working area coverage with operation of the market developed or operated by the Government of Nepal or by other agencies.
  • Encouraging packaging, grading and standardization practices in agricultural produces.
  • Arranging market facilities for wholesalers and retail traders of fruit and vegetables.
  • Construction, management and operation of markets coordinating with private sector in other areas.
  • Resolve the problems and disputes in the course of market management and operation.
  • Keeping and maintaining market place clean and hygienic.
  • Controlling the adulteration and transaction of unhygienic produces.
  • Strengthening of marketing information system.
  • Perform other activities necessary for the management of the market.

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